Friday, November 30, 2012

Another years end brings big Change for our Family

  I have been reflecting on the past three years and all the changes that have taken place in that amount of time. Four years ago if someone had told me what my life would be like today. I probably would've, first laughed in disbelief then crawled into a dark hole and never returned. I wasn't strong enough then to handle the things that I am dealing with today. Sometimes, still the hardest thing to do is to face the world with a painted on smile. But we feel so grateful for all of the blessings that our family has receives. Each day is a gift.
  Reed is still undergoing a "light" form of chemotherapy every three weeks.  He gets really sick during the treatment and for several days to follow. We keep hoping and praying that at some point it will turn things around and he will be able to return to work.
  In the mean time I am doing all I can to prepare for my families future, whatever the outcome may be. I have been accepted into the Paramedic Program at DSC and plan to further my education with a BS in Emergency Medical Services and then continue on to PA school. I still have a really long road ahead of me, but at least I have started the trek. I am in school full-time, and still working as a fire fighter/EMT for the town of Leeds.
  Reed is doing a great job as full-time Dad. I love and appreciate him and the sacrifices he makes for our family. I know he doesn't feel good, but he managed to get up everyday and take care of our family while I am at work and school. I love learning and bettering myself, but I don't like having to spend so much time away from my family.

  We have to say goodbye to our home. This has been really tough for all of us, but we are adjusting and grateful that we found a place to rent. Three bedrooms and 1500 sq-ft will take some getting used to, but will literally bring us all closer.
  Thanks to all of our good friends and family. We love you!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

"One Land,One People," The America Project

           Our dear friend, Ed Robbins, wrote a new, beautiful patriotic song entitled "One Land, One People."  I was lucky enough to debut this inspiring song at the 2012 Utah State Republican Convention this past April. 

           Ed has donated hundreds of hours in an effort to help us through some of the difficulties that our family is facing. We are so grateful to him and all of his tireless service on our behalf.  I have posted a few links to share: a music video where I sing Ed's original song, "One Land, One People,"  Ed's story of "One Land, One People: The America Project", and links to download the sheet music.  Also, for a good laugh (something we all need these days) make sure to read "The Rubber Chicken Conspiracy."

          Please share these links with everyone. I feel strongly that this song can really make a difference. Thanks for all the support over the past couple of years.  We will get through this one day at a time.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Few Months in Review

So the year is coming to an end. It has been a crazy one! The kids are all getting so big. Ashton Is a sophomore at Tuacahn High School. The twins are so responsible and have really stepped up this past year. With me going to school full time, working and Reed being unable to work, everyone has been given an extra helping of responsibility. Ammon and Aliza have probably had the most growth. They get up and ready for school all by themselves. Isaac has had a tough time with me being gone all the time, but enjoys his time with dad. We are trying to find a way to stay in our home, but the odds are not in our favor (we've started packing). Reed goes to the hospital every three weeks for IVIG treatments ("light" chemotherapy). His condition isn't rapidly worsening, just staying about the same except for the progression of the nerve damage on his left side. We are trying to buy just as much time as we can before he has to start the "heavy" chemo. He is still in constant pain, but hanging in there. I am an official EMT/Firefighter and I really love it. But the very best part of this past year has been little Oliver! What an amazing blessing he is to our family. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for our family and loves us more than we will ever know. I am grateful for all that he has blessed us with. Christmas has been different this year for our family. It’s kind of nice not have the commercial pressure of making Christmas a huge production. We've been able to focus more on what really matters. Thank you to all of our dear,long suffering
"U-Haul" friends. You know who you are the ones that are with us for the "long-Haul, after 2 1/2 years you are still there for us. We feel your prayers and support. Thanks for staying with us through the thick and the, ridiculously, thin. Hold onto your forks my friends, the very best is yet to come! Merry Christmas everyone!